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things >> thank you very much for the democrats it's helpful to see how it's crafted. >> this is a pier one intejs. if kids are not responding we need to provide foyer intejs for them >> along the lines of really encouraging positive behavior in the classroom we have things for the teachers as well. as teachers we want to model this good behave so we've came up with a little box it's called teacher stars and created teacher super teacher ticket for teachers who are doing what we expect the kid to be doing. we want to acknowledge each other's work and encourage each other.
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we have a couple of stars for teachers in the box for teachers who are wanting to start this new chart in their classrooms so we acknowledge that as well. >> a number of schools that are implementing that as high levels. it's been fantastic. it's where the rubber meets the road. this is envy second school you've worked and it's made a huge tropics. i think about the kids and the interactions and i'm excited to tell you more often than not i have kitsdz being sent to the
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office for positive things. that's a fantastic change in a few months. thank you for your good support and we look forward to more good work (clapping.) >> thank you to the staff and they've reminded me its way past their bedtime. they need to move up to superstar. again as the behavior chart continues to implement. you have the cohort they're currently in and as we begin this is going to be a process as schools develop what look likes
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i can tell you to get it to go school wide and to think consistent and to get even though pier one supports in place is really a major undertaking. i want to emphasize sometimes the simplest things can require a lot of coordinating. i commend them for trying the new system. i want to thank thomas when you at the end of the day when you leave this district people want to be able to follow leaders. i think that thomas and the other person have set a positive tune.
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i'm pleased of what i'm hearing around the enthusiasm to moving this work deeper with more consistency. thank you for the opportunity. are there any questions you may have >> dr. >> i just really want to thank staff in particular the teachers. as i recall when we had a presentation on r ti there was a lot of confusion it was very abstract it was hard to get our hands around this. but having a specific example of things working in the classroom has helped me to understand this effort. thank the teachers for being open to those changes. i think that presentation didn't
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go very well so i'm glad to see the process how it's implemented. so thank you >> anyone else? it was a really great presentation. it's great to see the updated and isn't it wonderful how small things can take a big effect. thanks for staying up past our bedtime >> i want to thank our wonderful principle and teachers and liz for all the work. commissioners it's no wonder we've won a golden bell award if you think about how the behavorial support we've captured within our school
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quality improvement system. those are tangible specific tools that our teachers can use to create a climate that's positive and a rewarding. we've got all the conversation this is going to make a big difference. we're so broadway brought out to have you no our district. so thank you. >> i only want to add myopia in violation as well. you have the calendar of dates when our school teams come together to engage and i certainly notify our commissioners it's powerful when the teams come together and share their implementation at the school levels. there are many more that are shared through that's when the teachers find the time useful.
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>> thank you. yes mr. truth it >> i want to mention that matthew hasn't seen cooper since fifth grade. in the a reunion right here >> all right. thank you for that presentation. our second presentation the update on our vision 2025 process and i see the chief of staff >> good evening we'll keep this short. i wanted to showcase our high school. this is a rough-cut. i wanted to say that it's been so great to have youth in this 2025 process. many of you are going to see
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yourself on this video. they were interviewing folks as they came in but their our students who are documenting this whole process. i want to give a update. we had a vision orientation with our teachers who have been notified to talk about their hopes in the process. wore dpoiftd about the meeting nooeks next week we're going to be doing some design work and we're going to be doing f this concurrently. so that's my quick update i'll show you some of the video.
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those are high school kids in the digital academy and we'll close unless there's questions >> he looks familiar. >> yeah. you don't have to go to a school and library and look it up in the book. you got information from a trusted source and we'll starting on an envisioning process that will help us for the school in the future what our community would like them to be like and the students so it's
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a envisioning process that is kind of a long-term envisioning process. what would you like to change and be like in the future. 2025 is a envision concept on what our city hall's will look like in 2025. mr. they be teachers or administrators but the industry partners too to be like the city hall system to be like. the education in 20 that 25 is technology. the problem is with technology you have to have customer
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service so 2025 is learning how to deal with both. the new technology that will be out in that year and using the people skills >> the slain people should be bilingual or trilingual and as the technology changes because the people change. we have to ask ourselves what do we not know. we have to think about and ask older people would should change >> it should be students learning the way you're learning with real, real instruments of the industry that you might be
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interested in. a smaller community i'd like to see all of our schools have the same access to all technology and taught resources. >> i think the craziest thing is constitutes shouldn't even have to be going to a building wherever they are. >> the institutions at universities they maybe based in one city and the students can learn from all over the world. >> that's it. thank you. thank you to our students and wonderful teacher. >> thank you.
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any other comments or questions from the board. that's it. you're done. short and sweet. we will move on to item n calendar resolution there are none this evening and o vote on the consent calendar. roll call, please. >> thank you (calling names). >> i'm going to be a b abstaini from k-49, k 5, k-7 thank you.
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(calling names) >> okay item public works consent calendar resolution severed for board resolution i believe one t is severed it's been so long ago k 33. >> thank you. >> so colleagues agency you know this is the extension for the rest of this fiscal year of the contract with the friends of the school the arts to be the fiscal arts for the focus artists. i have questioned this contract every year and had concerns. now, it's been shared by many of
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you, we need to do this work ourselves. not only do we need to do but we do it for the elementary artists and lots of other people and so we have - i did bring this up again specifically not prior to the beginning of the school year we would have granted this contract annual so last spring i brought this up and said you know we've been working on this but not done anything about it don't bring it back or at least we can look into it and have the apparent reality we have to pay people who work for us. so we've worked on that.
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i appreciate the staff diligence and work and know it's complicated so for that reason we split the contract and we did half of this is the second half but i want to ask sprrptd lee to talk about the process and to be clear we're not intending to do this in subject years but because of this comments and anxiety of the school of the arts we have it. i appreciate president norway to be and others this is no way recommendati recommendation. so mr. lee could you tell us the
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status >> so commissioner winn said this issue has been brought up as an important question for the board and for the district staff to examine. and we've taken a close look at the curre the curre the current range time. it was back in 2010 that the arrangement with respect to the artist and residents that are fund from district resources were contracted. a long story short we've reached a recommendation and shared it with the superintendant we should with the appropriate transition time transition the responsibilities for at least with respect to the district
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resources that are funding of the artists and resident contracts that those contracts should be anything congratulated balk back to the district beau not because of the business stylists that you know shouldn't be taking place but as a general matter of carrying out our fiduciary responsibility. we think it's consistent with the other duties we execute as commissioner winn just said. we've let the school community know and leadership know we would like to do that and having said that. there are a number of transition activities that that would involve. including entering into new arraignments directly with the
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artists themselves and giving them goinoinz and get the background checks and we need to provide the time to make sure this doesn't disrupt the services to the students or plaza hardship on the artists. we recommend we take the rest of the year we think it is necessary to take the rest of the year to clarify how that should be done and work with the artist and the school community to make sure we do that in a careful way. we intended to get started in a few weeks. part of that involves trying to be clear with the school
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community about the motivation to transition those responsibility back to the district. this is not based on anything they've done wrong but more a of a general issue to take the responsibilities back into our own office. i'm working with doctor to understand why it's happening and to provide the assurance. >> i'd like to make a request that we provide for the community some kind of communication a memo some letter that puts in writing our
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intention clearly. there seems to have been a somewhat mixed message there about motivation and intention of doing this. i'm interested in making sure we have a clear message and we do something official to communicate to the school community. >> and we will definitely do this commissioner. >> yes. dr. >> i want to support that representations from commissioner winn's. i think we've received panicky letters and i want to go on record i'm supportive of the artists and residents program. increase an issue of fairness folks raise money to support positions that are required by the district to put it into a
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trust fund. so i think it's important that the district have the capacity to do the work. >> i just wanted to quickly ask about the required insurance. is that something they had to have when they weren't under our coverage now that wore taking and requiring them to have the insurance under friends of? >> that's correct. >> and that's all paid for by them. >> those are some of the specific details that we need to work through with the all the stakeholders involved including the principle and a clarifying the specifics to the artists themselves. for the last 3 years friends of
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the school of the arts have a intermediate nonprofit has arranged for the requirement we require on above the artists and residents. so by us contracting directly with the artists themselves that will not be an option so we will have to work with the artists to give them gowns on specifically go what insurance they need to arrange for. >> this is a requirement for example, the emergency room artists have to have we talk about that. >> so are we ready to vicinity open the item. okay roll call on item 33.
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(calling names) . 6 i's. >> superintendents first reading. board members proposals for boards first reading. may i have a voided on after student programs >> this item is referred to the budget and a curriculum committee. and so moving on wool now at item f board minutes reports. i want to remind board members
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we have closed session we need to go into after this. report from the ad hoc committee >> yeah. thank you very much. we had an ad hoc committee on personal matters the the highlights of the executive summary 21 percent of the teachers quite after one year of teaching. half of the teachers will not be in the district after 5 years. 60 to 80 percent have teachers are leaving voluntarily. the african-american teachers is significantly lover after the first year of teacher is only 56
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percent and traverses in special education teaching experience among the lottery translates among the subject groups. the number have teachers losses 4 hundred and 41 teachers leave the district and 1 hundred and 19 traverses are retired. 90 percent - it costs the district approximately between 10 and $20,000 each time a teacher leaves our district. it w it was certificate retention. >> all right. from the select committee. >> at the. so we had two presentations one
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was with from - jim ryan's our director of stem and he came and spoke specifically about all the different things we've doing under the stem umbrella. and we have another presentation about the initiative and all the work around updating the technology and the stem under that initiative as well >> thank you. all right. dr. report from the curriculum and a program committee month to month of november >> i reported we had two forgotten items one was expending the school day. we asked staff to calculate was it would cost to move to a 7
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period day in high school and superintendent lee provide a rough analyzed that raged from 13 and a half million to 17 million to introduce the 7 day. i was encouraged we're not talking about 2 hundred and 3 hundred million it's somewhere in the neighborhood of 13 to 17 million. so as we look at an improved budget or look at new money from the state i really hope to prioritize a 7 period day in order to help our students who need to recover credits but those students who want to take more than one elective to cope in school. we horde on update on our core waiver certificate. the next meeting will be monday,
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december 2nd. will be the next meeting of the curriculum committee and we'll be hearing from our court and county schools for commissioner haney >> i just want to because the superintendant is going to say it we're not referring to the core but the ask the quality system. i've heard the core waiver to be abandoned so that's the last time those words will be uttered in this room. so moving right long commissioner winn will be update us. >> the only action yawned was the creative charter.
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we have one on the improved k solution. in our last meeting we talked about if the firm we used and if the information is useful at all and have a standing meeting for the purpose of trying to build a base of knowledge among the board members about the issues related to the local control funding formula. so we discussed actually, the proposed regulations for that were submitted to the board of ed and the boards mission keeping them white and i think that was the following day

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